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Interview: Dimitra on writing and reading between the lines


One of the advantages to work in advertising agencies is that there you meet many creative fascinating young people.

They not only create visuals and texts – they create an inspiration. They are the ones, which the clients usually don’t see at the meetings and the TV audience doesn’t see them on the TV screens either.

They are not vain, they don’t like to talk about themselves – their work is talking enough to people, who are able to see and listen. And their work is talking loud.

There are two kinds of people in the advertising agencies:

  • The first kind are usually the real creators, who do the job and always try to make a positive change. They are the personalities behind the curtains – they are the real ones, the creators.
  • The second kind are usually the actors, who are trying to be what they are not, but each of their gestures, even their body language is illustrating their real nature – the fake ones.

I adore the first kind of people, because they not only do the job, but they know how to inspire. And one of them is Dimitra Mircheva – a creative person, who found her love in copywriting. I’m happy to introduce you this yound lady. Enjoy the interview with her below!

Hi, Dimitra! How are you? Tell us about yourself – what you did last years?

Hi! I am pretty good, thank you…positive as usual! Talking about myself is one of the things I usually avoid if possible…I would consider myself more of a listener, or preferably a writer.

In the last five years I reoriented myself, turning from the visual aspects of art to writing. I started studying Advertising at New Bulgarian University and it turns out it fit me well. Meanwhile I joined a wonderful and fulfilling trainee program at Publicis Marc, which provoked a pure fascination with advertising within me.

Since then I have worked on various campaigns and clients, including Garnier, MAGGI, The National Museum of Natural History, BauMax, Reporteen -The National Youth Short Film Competition, Vinprom Peshtera and most of all Mobiltel Bulgaria.

How did you become a copywriter?

Just as I was graduating I was given – what I consider to be the chance of a lifetime – my first job as a copywriter (at Demner, Merlicek & Bergman). Of course, I was already sure this is what I wanted to do, but I never ever imagined it would happen so quickly. Now, more than a year later, I feel completely in place.

What obstacles did you face in trying to become a copywriter?

At first I had to put my thoughts into order, I had to learn to think in a precise direction, according to the brief. Then, when I felt I had become a little bit too mainstream I had to go back into thinking “outside the box”. This seeking of balance is probably what I have not yet conquered.

I had the chance to work with enthusiastic and highly talented people so far and the most important lesson I learned form them is to believe in myself.

As for the working process… The true challenge, as I found on the go, is to read between the lines… In other words, you must know the client, his attitudes, his concerns and intentions. What is more, the copywriter should be most familiar with the product and should be relevant to any audience imaginable. Doing all those things is time consuming, but at the end of the day it pays off. Maybe the cliché “to love your job” is too much, but I would say the trick is in finding the fun part of it all and cherishing it.   

What types of projects do you enjoy working on the most?

I find myself most excited everytime i have to work for a completely new product, or even better – a whole new client! The idea of sitting before a “blank page” and starting from the scratch with no “emotional baggage” whatsoever… it is intriguing!

How do you deal with difficult clients?

The power of the three P’s… patience, persistence, positivity

Which one is your favorite project till now?

A few months ago we did a pro-bono campaign for the second National Youth Short Film Competition “Reporteen” and I can wholeheartedly say it was the most fun I have had. The ideas we came through in the brainstorming course were endless and put our minds into something completely different. As for the shooting process – we gathered a skilled filming crew and a talented director with ambitious students with zero experience – it was a sweet challenge to us all.

Which product’s ad campaign and client you dream to work on?

I have never thought of this… let’s see… there are two kinds of campaigns I would like to work on – one with a social purpose and another, which has no budgetary considerations. The idea of creating something socially important with a great impact on people has always attracted me. On the other hand, the opportunity to realize any… ANY project, any spectacular, mind-blowing, unbelievable, experimental, crazy idea… sounds just like a dream!

If you had to do pick a different career path, what would it be?

I feel I would be just as satisfied as a property master at a film production company. Shopping, decorating and paying attention to detail… yes this would be it!

What is your advice to copywriters?

Talent is not a thing, it is all about work… read a lot, write a lot and smile a lot.

Complete the sentence: Be inspired and…

…Let there be rock \m/


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Philip Kotler

1 (2)Hi everybody!

Here’s an interview with Philip Kotler on marketing in times of economic uncertainty. “Cutting your budget, that creates your sales, is a funny thing to do“, he says.


This quote is so close to another one, which is one of my favorite quotes of Thomas Jefferson:
“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time”.

Enjoy it:)



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Tom Fishburne

Have you heard about Tom Fishburne?

I like his work. He is the founder and CEO of Marketoonist, which is a content marketing studio.

Tom is making wonderful cartoons (Tom draws from 16 years) as well, related with marketing, advertising, innovations and creativity. They have been featured by Forbes, New York Times, Wall Street Journal etc.

Here are some of them:

EPSON scanner image

EPSON scanner image


EPSON scanner image

And here is a video with Tom Firshburne, named “The HR Director is the New Marketing Director” – but don’t think, that this is a video about HR. In fact this is a material about marketing, telling us the truth that “we all work in marketing”.

Enjoy it:)


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Democratization of the creation

1 (2)Hi everybody!

Today I would like to share with you the documentary film “Press Pause Play”, which one is about the democratization of the creation through the digital tools.


In this film take part some of the most influential creators of the digital era and the main questions are related with the relationship between the digital revolution, creativity, art and talent.

Enjoy it!

Image Source:

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The relationship between the copyright and the creativity

1Hi everybody!

Here is very interesting lecture by the Harvard professor Larry Lessig about the Copyright issue related with creativity.

Copyright and creativity are always related and the main question is how to “regulate this relationship”.

His proposal the work of the artists and creators to be made available freely for non-commercial type of use, but not freely for any commercial use is really a worth subject of further conversation in area of the Copyright law.

“Lessig has built a reputation as the king of Internet law and as the most important next-wave thinker on intellectual property.”, New York Magazine.


Have a nice day,


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The creativity makes a difference

1Hi everybody!

Here is another point of view about the creativity – it’s a bit poetiсal, but it’s worth seeing.


“Creativity starts from a belief”.

Have a great day,


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Simon Calver on the consumers

1Hi everybody!

“Build the brand later, get the consumer proposition first”, says Simon Calver – the CEO of LOVEFiLM, Europe’s largest online DVD rental service. His marketing background is related with senior management positions at Dell, Pepsi and Unilever in the past.

4 Ps, consumer benefits (choice, value and convenience), building the brand and other interesting issues are described by Simon in his lecture on the initiative, named Marketing maestros, where leaders in their field share their opinions on innovative strategies for small businesses. And here is the lecture of Simon Calver in two parts.

“The most important thing, that you could do, is surround yourself with great people” – one of the Simon’s best advices.

Have a great time.

Best regards,


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Doug Richard on business

1Today there’s a video material of 3 parts with Doug Richard – entrepreneur and investor.

His point of view is really interesting regarding the issues as:


  • the costs of starting a business
  • price of a product vs. price of a problem
  • storytelling and intelligent laziness
  • trust in people
  • recession etc.

Enjoy it:)

Have a great day,


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It’s oh so cute

This ad is with so simple composition and so clear message, which make the whole visual really remarkable.

And  the main hero is so “sharp” at parking, that it’s impossible not to notice it.

The end result – a memorable material, which makes you say “It’s oh so cute”.



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The charisma – a gift or something, that has to be developed?

imagesWhat’s the common between Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Guy Kawasaki, Kevin Roberts?

The common between all these people is not only the fact, that they are very successful personalities. They all have an awesome charisma, which one is one of the reasons for their success.

What’s the charisma in fact?

It’s related with the charm and attractiveness, that can inspire devotion in others. But we are not born charismatic. We cultivate it. The truth is, that everyone could be charismatic if there’s a development of the respective qualities. The key word here is DEVELOPMENT. 

There’s no charismatic personality without:   

  • a self confidence 
  • an enthusiasm and optimism  
  • a warm attitude  
  • a perfect body language  
  • a sense of humor  
  • a great story telling

Welcome to the world where everyone wants to have a charisma like it’s some kind of a Christmas present, but nobody wants to believe, that the charisma could not be given. It could only be developed by ourselves.

Have a great day,
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