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What happens when you extend the life of a physical project on the web?

file000132267159I hope, that everybody thinks the same as Lawrence Lessig, when he says, that  “the internet is encouraging a wide range of people to create and to share their creativity“.

The video today is presenting 3 main topics, related with internet:

  • Art in the era of the internet – an interview with Yancey Strickler (a founder of Kickstarter)
  • Creative commons modernizes ownership – an interview with Lawrence Lessig (a founding board member of Creative Commons)
  • Creators project connects physical to digital – an interview with Julia Kaganskiy (editor of  Creators Project) and Ciel Hunter (creative director of Creators Project)

If we have to answer on “What’s the connection between creativity and internet?”, the best answer is in the words of Julia Kaganskiy, who says, that “when extend the life of a physical project on the web, and give people the ability to remix that media, they’ll do some really inventive stuff with it.” Don’t you think so?

And here is the video. Enjoy it!


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When we buy, we buy the story. Really?

1Telling stories is not something new in the world of Marketing and Advertising. There is written so much about the ability of the good marketers to tell stories about the products, which stories to make emotional relationship between the products and the consumers.

 But it’s not just about telling a story. It’s about telling a worthy authentic story, because “when we buy, we buy the story – the way it makes us feel. Buying a product, we send a message”.

This is what Seth Godin says in his lecture about the power of telling authentic stories in a low-trust world. He believes, that “in the era of the emotional marketing, if you want me to talk about something, you better deep down love it, or else why should I?”

And here is the lecture. Enjoy it!

Have a great day and remember, that life isn’t about finding yourself – life if about creating yourself.

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Quote of Jef I. Richards

youCN_4333Is advertising a profession, like law or medicine? How many new parents clutch their baby to their breast and declare: ‘I want this child to grow up to be a media planner’?”

Jef I. Richards

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What’s the purpose of a company?

thumbAlthough I don’t like the word “guru”, he is an awesome marketing guru. He is Philip Kotler.

Today there’s really worth seeing interview with him. It’s like kind of a modern teaching course in marketing.


  • Is the mass advertising effective?
  • How do we know, that the product is marketable?
  • What are the key ingredients in a good marketing plan?
  • What’s the marketing advantage of internet as a media?
  • What impact has the globalization on marketing?
  • How the marketing approach in Japan differs from the marketing approach in US?

Answers on these and much more questions are in the video today. Enjoy it!

And yes, “the purpose of the company is to create a customer, not a product” as Peter Drucker said 40 years ago.

And what’s your purpose?


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Things will never be the same

file00021659476“You know that we are living in a material world” could be already revised to “You know that we are living in a multi-screen world”. Is it a truth? Yes, it is!

Each day, wherever we go there are at least three devices in our life, which ones we check every hour, even every minute – the smartphone, the PC/ laptop and the TV. And here comes a text from another song “That’s just the way it is. Things will never be the same.The times, when we had only TV and radio are gone. The times, when we had only TV, radio and phone as well.

Now there are so many mobile devices in our life, which are very important for us, that we could not imagine a single day without them – the phone, the PC/ laptop, the tablet. And this is the reason why every communication strategy should be developed in line with this tendency. 

There is very interesting research made my Google and IPSOS this year. This research is among 1600 U.S. adults, named “The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior”.

There are two modes of multi-screening, described in the study – the sequential usage and the simultaneous usage. Here are their graphics:


Click to enlarge


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Some of the findings of the research show that:

  • 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal
  • 77% of people watch TV with another device in hand
  • 66% of all purchase decisions start on a smart phone
  • 80% of smartphone usage is spontaneous and only 20% are planned
  • 52% of PC/ laptop usage is spontaneous and 48% are planned etc.

And here is the summary:


Click to enlarge

So, how many screens do you have right now in your life?
Have a great day.
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Graphics Source: Google/Ipsos/Sterling, 2012

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“Media World” magazine

Publication: “Commercial and Social Marketing”

“Media World” magazine, April 2005

Media World magazine_publication


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“Signcafe” magazine

Title: “Profession an “author of ideas” in the advertising business”
Subtitle: Is the slealing of ideas in the advertising business a crime?

This publication of mine is about the copyright issues in the advertising business. It’s published in “Signcafe” magazine in February, 2012.




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International conference “Marketing & Strategic Planning”

Publication: “Social Marketing – Tool for generating social changes in the community or a brand, that needs better marketing”.

This publication of mine was included in the book “Marketing and strategic planning: Theory, practice, education”, presented on the International conference “Marketing and Strategic Planning” in year 2004 in Bulgaria.












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Where do good designs come from?

1Once Danny Sengers said, that “good designs come from the heart, not from the brain”.

And here comes the question how important is in fact to be serious by designing?

In the video today Paula Scher – a designer and typographer, presents her point of view on the “serious design”. She’s confessing, that she was serious only 4 times in her 35-years experience.

Let’s see and enjoy her designs in the presentation below!


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Interview: Just Maria

44590_10152075809794867_1145786507_nShe’s the kind of girl, who will always surprise you, because she’s not just a girl, she’s not just a copywriter, she’s not just one thing – there are so many things inside her and she always finds the most unusual creative way to introduce them to the audience.

Here she is – one of my favorite copywriters.

Enjoy her world!


Hi, Maria! Introduce yourself!

I’m Maria Makedonska. Now I’m working as a copywriter in the ad agency “All Channels”. Before that I have been 3 years copywriter in the ad agency “Publicis Marc”. Except writing advertising texts, I’m writing fairy-tales as well, shooting short movies and sometimes I even sing in the subways.

How did you get into copywriting?

It looked for me as an adventure.

Are there any copywriting “secrets” you can share with us?

What kind of a secret? Are you talking about the dead body in the refrigerator? In fact the copywriters don’t have any secrets. And the dead bodies are only the ones of the killed ideas.

Who’s your biggest copywriting influence?

March. She’s sitting in front of me at my work place and is creating so many waves of an influence.

What is your favorite book on copywriting?

“Gymnastic for the tail” of Grigory Oster.

But in fact each book is for copywriters.

What inspires you?


If you had to travel back in time, which era would you have liked to have written copy in?

I would come back in Paris during the 30’s of the XIX century for listening Chopin live and if I write something it would be a love novel with him.

What’s the one piece of copy, that you wish you’d have written?

“Today. Tomorrow. Toyota.”

What advice would you give to the copywriters?

Keep calm.

Do you dream often?

I’m trying dreaming not to take more than 90% of my daytime.

Complete the sentence: “Be inspired and…

….if you don’t know where to put the comma, use simple sentences.


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