Cannes Lions International Festival: Highlights

1Nowadays it’s very important what you consume – what kind of books you read, which people are your friends, what inspires you and enriches your soul, what kind of TV shows you watch, what kind of movies you watch, what kind of seminars and festivals you attend.

One of the festivals you have to visit for sure if you work in area of marketing and advertising is the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. This is the biggest global award show in brand communication. It’s not only about advertising and creativity. It’s about marketing, project management, leadership etc. It’s a treasure.

This is a place, where you could not only meet creative professionals, but also get inspired by them and even get to know them better.

Here are 7 videos for each of the days of the Cannes Lions International Festival this year. Each of these videos is presenting the most essential parts of the lectures during the days.

Enjoy it!

And the winners in all categories of Cannes Lions International Festival you could find on the link below. See them, because what they’ve made is really worth seeing.

Have a great day!


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