The second side of the story

tAs you already know, I adore the social campaigns, because they are not just communication campaigns. They are a cause for a better world, for better people, for a positive change.

Another social campaign, which grab my attention, is the one with Justin Bieber about the cyberbullying. I’m not a fan of Justin, but I’m a fan of this social campaign, because it’s about a really important problem for the teenagers nowadays. They still see only one side of the story. But each story has both sides and this video presents perfectly the bad side of the story.

The advantages of this campaign are in:

  • it’s main character – it’s the favorite singer of the target (the teenagers)
  • the style – it not only describes clearly and in a simple way the problem, but at the same time it’s emotional and close to the teenagers
  • only the length of the video is too much, but such a problem is not possible to be describes in only 1 min, isn’t it?

Yes, the video is 11 min., but they are worth seeing. And if you have a child, using internet actively, it must see it too.

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