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LET the animals on our planet LIVE

public-social-ads-animals-4The visuals today don’t need to explain their meaning.

They are so strong as an expression and copy, that I’m just speechless.

They are the proof, that the social ad campaigns have meaning, because they make us face the problem, realize it and really think about it (by “social campaigns” here I’m talking about the real social campaigns, not those, which the celebrities use just to make PR for themselves).

Below are visuals of social campaigns, which raise awareness about one important environmental issue – to LET the animals on our planet LIVE.

Here are the visuals! I could not say this time “Enjoy it!”.

I’ll say “Think about it, do something positive about it and spread the message!”










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Raise awareness

We live in a complicated world. People love, but at the same time they hate.

They look for the right person and then realize, that this is the wrong one.

They want family, but when it happens they don’t know the right way to have it, to love it, to support it.

The communication campaign below is developed by the Advertising school Brother for the human rights organization Amnesty International and raises awareness for the domestic abuse.

Strong “white” messages on the “black” picture of the reality. Touching campaign…





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Isn’t it?

Isn’t it the right message on the right place with the right visual?

It’s it amazing 🙂



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Good idea

3The good idea is priceless.

The good idea doesn’t need a big budget.

It needs an open mind.

Often its visualization is not something complicated – it’s simple.

And sometimes the main hero is just one glass.

Enljoy the print “Blue light road safety ad” of the Scottish government, created by “The Leith agency”, UK.



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Funny, sexy, social

g1This campaign is presenting the social problem in so amazing way.

“Sex sells” say advertising specialists.

“Sex sells sometimes” will say I. Most of the times sex and scandal are used, when there is a lack of creativity.


Enjoy the video. It’s really worth seeing!


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Nothing better than the right targeted advertising

915Such an example is the interactive ad at the London bus stop for two weeks in February Y’12, which ad shows different content to women and men.

There was used face recognition software with an HD camera, so that to determine whether a man or a woman was standing in front of the screen at the bus stop.

After the technology scanned the viewer’s face, there was shown the full advert to women, together with details about three 13 years old profiled girls’ lives – Jasmine from the UK, Bintou from Mali and Sur from Thailand. Men didn’t see the complete ad, but only a series of statistics about girls around the globe.

The cause of the campaign is related with the fact, that millions of girls in the world’s poorest countries don’t have choices like to go to school, as well as who and when they marry. So Plan UK organization has the goal to help them to complete their education and have more choices about their future.

The video below explains the campaign in more details:

And here’s the video with the stories of the three girls:

I like the idea for different content of the ad to men and women. I like the fact, that this is not only an ad, but a one, which first makes you a part of a “check control” and after that sends you the proper ad message for you. The strong points are, that here’s a right message to the right people, delivered in an interesting way and a social cause, which is described clearly and in details, so that not only to understand it, but also to feel it.


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What do you think about the meetings?

In our professional life we attend so many meetings, that it’s impossible not to ask the question how long last the effective meetings.

For sure each meeting, which lasts more than 30 minutes, is not effective.

For sure the real leaders and true managers, know it, because they realize how precious is the resource “time”.

Here is an image, which auther is unknown, that illustrates the funny side of the truth.



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Do you want to be more creative in your business?

JGS_PushPinsHugh MacLeod is giving us so many worth advices on the creative life in his book “Ignore Everybody: and 39 Other Keys to Creativity”. One of my favorite ones is:

“The most important thing a creative per­son can learn professionally is where to draw the red line that separates what you are willing to do, and what you are not. Art suffers the moment other people start paying for it. The more you need the money, the more people will tell you what to do. The less control you will have. The more bullshit you will have to swallow. The less joy it will bring. Know this and plan accordingly.”

Nowadays there are so many creative persons in the advertising agencies, which ones have so big creative potential, but they don’t draw the red line. And it’s not because they don’t know how, but because they are not allowed to do it. It’s so sad, that they accept this situation. They prefer to be well-paid rather than being professionals in what they do. And what do you prefer?

Have a nice day,

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How important is the creative brief?

The creative brief is very important part of the creative work in one advertising agency. If there’s no correct client’s brief, there will be no correct creative brief to the creative department and the result will be unsatisfying for sure. The creative brief is the basic part of the creative work, because it determines the direction of this work. If you set the wrong direction with the creative brief, the whole work of the creative department will be wasted.

Here is very interesting example of a creative brief, consisting only 3 words:  

“Sharing a Coke”

This brief Ogilvy and Mather China send to Jonathan Mak, in order to create a poster design for Coca Cola. And here is the amazing result, which one appeared in Shanghai.


Jonathan Mak is 20 years old graphic design student in Hong Kong, which one was first notices by its wonderful adaptation of the Apple logo – his tribute to Steve Jobs.



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This beer

The ads for beers are usually so boring and predictable.

But not this one. It’s for the Israeli beer brand “Goldstar”.

The slogan “Thank God you’re a man” is so clear, with a wonderful sense of humor and in style. It’s not needed to say directly “Men know why”. All you have to do is thank God.

Enjoy this visual!


Have a nice evening,

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