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Винаги имаш избор

Колко бизнес етика съществува в бизнес света днес?

Независимо от отговора на този въпрос, винаги трябва да се помни следното:

Винаги имаш избор!

Винаги имаш шанс за промяна!

x KK

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Oh, this lovely feeling

When you #lead the whole process – starting from the idea proposal, then proposal and negotiations for kind of materials and quantities, budgeting, working closer with the distributor, managing the design development, the production, the high quality of the whole process, the delivery and in-store execution…when you lead this whole process and see the lovely end result of in-store exellence execution, then comes the feeling…oh, this lovely feeling!

x KK

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Showing is better than telling

I have a strategic plan – it’s called “Doing things”.

It’s such a pleasure to see the end results of your efforts 🙂


x KK

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The world needs more

I adore the cartoons of @EveryVowel – the sense of humour combined with the business theme on them is really inspiring.

And this cartoon, posted here today, is a masterpiece. It makes you think about the different kind of leaders. But the truth is that there is only one type of leader – the “great leader”.

There’s no such thing as a “good leader” – there’s only one kind of a leader and it’s called “great leader”. So called “good leader” on the cartoon is in fact no leader at all. He is just a money maker.

The world need more great leaders and less money makers.


Be inspired and don’t forget to fly!

x KK

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I believe


x KK

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When you don’t just wish for it, but you work for it 🙂

Proud to be a #gamechanger.



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So true

Kameliya Kamenova

x KK

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Focus the strategy

Talking about FOCUS and STRATEGY:



Be inspired and don’t forget to fly!


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Do you?

Do you love:

the bullets in the presentations?

the statistic data?

the charts in .xls?

I prefer:

real conversations, instead of bullets

real experience with real consumers, instead of statistic data

real professionals, who make a positilve change in the world.

I prefer the Truth!


Be inspired and don’t forget to fly!


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Is your passion loud enough?

20160930_131430At the university we’ve learned:

* Microeconomy, Macroeconomy

* Communication policy, Marketing

*Business planning, Business communications

*Finance, Industrial Marketing

*Management, European integrated market etc.

But the real education is coming outside the university:

  • In the business books you read after the classes in your spare time. Books, which you read not only with your eyes, but also with your heart and hunger for new skills, hunger for being a better professional and a better person.
  • In the conversations with real leaders with worth experience in marketing and sales. Have you noticed how brightly shine the real leaders and professionals? I’m not talking about the ones who talk too much, know everything and always use the word “I”, instead of the word “we”. I’m talking about the real worth professionals. They shine with their presence, with their charisma, with their worth experience and they always talk in “we” form, because they are team-players and team-inspirers. I adore this kind of leaders and I’m happy I had a chance to work with such ones. They are really worth knowing personalities and you could learn much from their management style.
  • In additional seminars, trainings and courses you find and have, in order to improve yourself. Even if your company doesn’t provide you such ones, you have to do everything possible to find for yourself such activities and to take part in them. Don’t wait someone else to think about you – you are the first person, who has to do it for yourself.
  • In your heart – do it with your heart. Not because you have to do it this way. Not because your manager expects it from you. But because you expect it from yourself first. You have to be true to yourself and your choices.

And while you do the things, mentioned above, there is one thing you should never forget: There will always be haters. But if you can still hear them, then your passion is not loud enough!

Be inspired and don’t forget to fly!

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