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“Hello” with Nescafe

The beauty in our life is in the little details, in the little things, which we so often don’t realize:

  • in one smile
  • in one gesture
  • in one kind word
  • why not in one “Hello”

You know, saying words is not enough. You have to say them with the right attitude and gesture. You have to say them with all your heart, because people always recognize the “true thing”.

Days ago I saw a thought, which really impressed me with its truth. And it sounds this way: “There is no more B2B or B2C. It’s H2H: Human to Human“.

That’s why I believe, that the mission of marketing is not only to increase sales and make a profit, but also to educate people how to make all these things in a beautiful way, in a way, which makes a positive change – based on the beauty of the communication approach, the beauty of the relationships between people, no matter if they are personal or business.

This is the reason why I like so much the last “Hello experiment” of Nescafe in the Milan library in October this year, presented in the video below.

Enjoy it! It’s really worth seeing!

Be inspired and inspire!

x KK

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