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Interesting communication campaign

Is it so hard to create an interesting communication campaign? The answer is “no” and Axe Body Spray proves it. I love interesting advertising campaigns, which ones fight the cliché. One of them is the campaign of Axe Body Spray in Puerto Rico, that allows men to peek into ladies bathroom in most popular discos and bars.

The QR codes are placed in men bathroom and when you scan them with your smartphone, they lead to “very interesting” videos. While men watch these videos, the action suddenly stops prompting them to continue the experience at AXE’s facebook page, where they unblock hotter video.

The results of the campaign are really amazing:
  • 53% increase in Facebook interactions with Axe Body Spray brand
  • 23% of the audience peeped every day
  • 602% increase in feedback and views on the social network.

And here is the case study of Axe peephole experiment. Enjoy it!

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