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Interview: Paolo Bartalucci on ads

He’s addicted to the creative writing.

He’s a copywriter in an ad agency in Milan.

And he is working on many interesting communication projects for such clients as Heineken.

His name is Paolo Bartalucci and here is his story of what it means to be a copywriter.

Hi Paolo! How are you? Introduce yourself.

I was born in Siena in the last century and living in Milan for about 12 years. The only reason I moved was my profession. Only in Milan, in Italy, it can work well in adv, although there are some excellent agencies in Rome and Turin.

How did you decided to work in area of advertising?

After graduating and having done the clerk, the usher, the assistant cook, and other work in absurd kind Charles Bukowski Post Office, I realized it would be better to follow my natural predisposition to creative writing and so I decided to follow her, pursuing a master’s in Milan. Since 2001, I did not go more … Who knows, maybe one day I’ll open a restaurant!

Give 3 examples for good things in your area of job, which inspire you.

The ability to listen to music, follow social media, you can follow the real world also work. It is important to always be close to reality, to the point to meet in each its evolution. Just so you can do good things.

Which one was your biggest challenge in the area of advertising till now?

Keep up to date with the transformation of media, profession, languages​​. The difficulty is to remain contemporary…

What are the qualities, that a professional copywriter has to own?

I think that it is enough to know how to write, be curious and wanting to read constantly.

David Ogilvy or Stefan Sagmeister?

Ernest Hemingway and Neil Simon

Which is your favorite communication campaign?

Gatorade Replay.

How do you think, what makes one ad successful and efficient?

I think that is the fundamental approach to cultural insight. If we talk about Italian pasta and everyone knows what we’re talking about the same for baseball and the USA, reggae and Jamaica. Through the attack or strengthening of these you can always think and do some wonderful work. Works that if they do not win any festival, however, can still be understood and appreciated by all.

If someone wants to have a job like yours, what would be your advice?

Try and try again. This is a profession that, with some quality, you can learn.

Internet or TV?

I like them both!

Your favorite slogan is…?

Nike: “Just do it”. Or, Groucho Marx: “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member”.

What do you think about the advertising nowadays?

The truth is that I do not know how it was before! I arrived in the world of Adv that was already in crisis monetary and things got worse. Paradoxically work instead are more beautiful, interesting and smart. To this I say that you must try and try again, because the young and those who want to do this work can only improve it.

Recommend a book about advertising.

The advertising concept book, Pete Barry. Or Wuthering heights/Emily Bronte – To Have and Have Not/Ernest Hemingway.

Which book you read now?

Il visconte dimezzato by Italo calvino.

What is the thing that I liked most in Cannes this year?

For me the best was real beauty sketches by Dove.

Complete the sentence: Be inspired and ….



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