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There’s a famous coffee-house in my home town, named Logo. I love to go there just for a cup of coffee and to meet friends. I like the name Logo, because it’s so simple, clear, easy to remember and pronounce. And most of all I like the association with the logo as a symbol of something unique. This is how I came today to the subject for the logo.

Each company has its logo, which differentiates its products from the ones of the competitors.

To create a logo is one of the favorite tasks for the designers, because it’s related with creating something absolutely new and this thing is so emblematic, that it will be used for a long time in the future. It provides really big creative freedom for the designers.

But creating a logo is not an easy thing. It’s related with time and experience and right understanding of the personality of the company. And do you know how much does it cost to create a logo? There are as many answers of this question, as many the logos in the world are.

Here are some interesting facts about the cost of the logos of some of the most famous companies in the world.

Costs of logos:

Google logo – created in 1998 for 0 dollars

Coca Cola logo – 0 dollars
Nike logo – created in 1971 for 35 dollars
Pepsi re-branding logo – created in 2008 for 1 000 000 dollars
BBC logo – created in 1997 for approx. 1 800 000 dollars

BP logo – created in 2001 for 211 000 000 dollars

So how much does your logo cost?

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