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Social campaign – scary, but worth seeing

There will always be a debate about the smoking – the smokers think that their rights are damaged by the restrictions in this area and the non-smokers think the opposite. The truth is that the core case here is not the smoking itself, but the health – the one of the smokers and the one of the people around them (and even in them).

Very impressive in this field is the communication campaign, developed by Ogilvy, India for the HCG Cancer Hospital. This campaign shows the effect, which smoking has over the non-smokers, which live with the smokers and especially the children.

There are 3 visualization with the respective messages:

  • “Cigarette smoke inflames children’s air pathways and leads to asthma attacks. Put out the fire.”
  • “Pregnant smokers give birth to children who are susceptible to lung diseases. Put out the fire.”
  • “Children inhale more air than adults, absorbing more toxins. Put out the fire.”

The colors are dark, the people are looking not healthy, the visualizations are scary as the problem itself.

Enjoy this ad campaign!

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