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TED talks on Marketing

file000619580246Years ago, when I was a student in Marketing, I found out the magic of TED talks. They were for me not only motivational, but also with a great added value.

They were for me a model for:

  • how one successful presenter should act
  • what to be the body language of the presenter
  • how to create one presentation
  • how to present it in front of the respective audience in the most charismatic, remarkable and effective way.

It was a base for comparison. And it still is.

Today in the material are presented 4 TED talks/ presentations on Marketing, that for sure will motivate you by presenting Marketing in 4 different perspectives.

Enjoy them!

Seth Godin: The tribes we lead

Dan Cobley: What physics taught me about marketing

Rory Sutherland: Life lessons from an ad man

Stefan Sagmeister: The power of time off

Be inspired and don’t forget to fly!

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