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The cliche

How many advertising campaigns of wine have you seen? What’s in common by them? Answer – The cliché. All advertising campaigns for such a product consist of a bottle of wine, a glass of wine, slogan, logo and a vineyard. That’s why when I saw the communication campaign of Aurora Wines, created by the advertising agency “Dez Comunicação”, Porto Alegre Brazil,  I said “Wow”.  Why?

First of all the messages are brilliant – they don’t just say something in line of  “the best wine for your holidays” or “a wine by the nature” or “the wine of your grandfather” etc. This campaign consists of 4 messages, which are as follows:
  • “Sparkling wine goes well with seafood. Marcus james goes well with you.”
  • “Riesling goes well with fish. Marcus james goes well with you.
  • “Merlot goes well with poultry. Marcus james goes well with you.”
  • “Cabernet sauvignon goes well with red meat. Marcus james goes well with you.”

As you could see, there’s no cliché message in the column above. Here the messages are not only emotional, but also educational and there’s no such other campaign like this one.

At the same time, the main hero in the visual is not a vineyard, a glass or a bottle, but the wine itself. We see the different kind of figures, which it forms in line with the respective message for each visual.

In this campaign we see in very interesting way the idea for sharing as well – to share the wine with the beloved people (this is the reason why we see not one, but two glasses). Because the happiness in life is exactly in sharing.

This campaign combines emotional with educational approach, showing at the same time with a style the advantages of the product.

Yes, it’s a campaign, which one rocks the cliché in the area of wines campaigns. Bravo!
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