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What a PR nightmare – can’t believe it!

mf259Today I’ll present you very “interesting” event. I still can’t believe, that this has happened in real.

The event was the Norwegian Developer’s Conference in Y’12, where Microsoft announced the updates to its Windows Azure cloud computing platform. The video below presents how this was celebrated in Norway with women dancers to a song, which included not only drug references, but also the “incredible” statement “The words MICRO and SOFT don’t apply to my penis.”

In the front of the stage there is positioned as well a monitor, displaying the text of the song, where in addition to the sentence above is added the text “or vagina”. Do you believe it? I still can’t.

I don’t see any style in this event at all, any choreography of this “indescribable” dance, any concept or creative idea. I don’t see a joke either, because even the jokes have style. And I can’t believe, that the subcontractor for this event and the local representer of the client have agreed to even do this.

And here is the video, but please don’t blame the bad cameraman’s skills – the camera is shaking, because the person, who filmed this video for sure could not stop laughing.

Have a nice day and do all in style.

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