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What happens when you extend the life of a physical project on the web?

I hope, that everybody thinks the same as Lawrence Lessig, when he says, that  “the internet is encouraging a wide range of people to create and to share their creativity“.

The video today is presenting 3 main topics, related with internet:

  • Art in the era of the internet – an interview with Yancey Strickler (a founder of Kickstarter)
  • Creative commons modernizes ownership – an interview with Lawrence Lessig (a founding board member of Creative Commons)
  • Creators project connects physical to digital – an interview with Julia Kaganskiy (editor of  Creators Project) and Ciel Hunter (creative director of Creators Project)

If we have to answer on “What’s the connection between creativity and internet?”, the best answer is in the words of Julia Kaganskiy, who says, that “when extend the life of a physical project on the web, and give people the ability to remix that media, they’ll do some really inventive stuff with it.” Don’t you think so?

And here is the video. Enjoy it!


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