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What’s the purpose of a company?

thumbAlthough I don’t like the word “guru”, he is an awesome marketing guru. He is Philip Kotler.

Today there’s really worth seeing interview with him. It’s like kind of a modern teaching course in marketing.


  • Is the mass advertising effective?
  • How do we know, that the product is marketable?
  • What are the key ingredients in a good marketing plan?
  • What’s the marketing advantage of internet as a media?
  • What impact has the globalization on marketing?
  • How the marketing approach in Japan differs from the marketing approach in US?

Answers on these and much more questions are in the video today. Enjoy it!

And yes, “the purpose of the company is to create a customer, not a product” as Peter Drucker said 40 years ago.

And what’s your purpose?



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