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Who gives the PR industry a bad name?

DSC_0130 1This is a true story. The code word is: funny. Because it’s about one category of “funny” people.

What is so funny? Here it is!

It’s so funny everytime I see how “PR specialists” with high self-confidence have a total lack of professional value, skills and knowledges, so low moral value and a missing dignity.

These “PR specialists” are the ones, who always say for themselves “I am a PR specialist, I am a PR expert”. I’ll repeat it: they say it for themselves, not the others. They always use “strong words” and usually these words are critical, demonstrating their high intelligence. But of course sometimes, they use the word “Bravo” as well – you know, each expert should estimate the work of the other people and from its “high level” to say the expert word “Bravo”. Isn’t it funny! The most interesting part is when they always comment everything, thinking that this makes them looking smarter. It’s so pity and… funny! Because when you look at their “expert” job (and its “expert” end results) with open eyes, which could see and recognize the “real thing”, the only thing you could see are trite words, pitiful actions, total lack of professionalism and a shame, that such people think, that they are a part of the PR industry. Some of them don’t event know how to write correct – there are always grammar mistakes in their “professional” PR texts, total lack of stylistics and an enormous ego.

In fact they are the people, who give the “bad name” to the PR industry. These ex-models, ex-actresses and ex-wives of some famous men, are with a main and only characteristic “ex”, that could not be hidden by the titles, which they give to themselves as “PR experts”. Their motto is “I am beautiful and smart” and everywhere they go, they say it loud. I’ll repeat it: they say it for themselves, not the others.  Funny people! They always think, that PR is related with intrigues, lies and manipulations. They think, that if you know lots of people and you have lots of contacts, that could make you a PR specialist. Of course when they talk about PR, they give the right sentences from the books, but when you look at what thay “create” as PR experts, the only thing you could do is laughing. The most interesting part is that sometimes they are even lecturers at universities – and this is the third thing they say for themselves everywhere they go after “I am a PR expert” and “I am beautiful and smart”. Note: being a lecturer doesn’t make you a professional and it’s not a proof, that you are such a one.

I’m proud, that I know some real PR specialists and they are really amazing professionals. They never use their families or lovers for making themselves popular. They never use as a “PR approach” lies, intrigues, manipulations and vicious comments. They never long to be at all possible “high life events” or in all TV shows, because they know, that the real professional PR is not that. They know the difference! They know how! That’s why I adore them!

Guys, never stop searching for the real thing! And never stop doing the right thing!

Have a nice day!


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