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Let’s change this story

Let’s change this story

Today I present you a strong social campaign, developed by the ad agency BBA Ecuador.

The campaign is titled “9-12” and it was created for the brand “Dialogo Diverso”.

The campaign is addressing very actual social issue in Ecuador – over one million emergency calls to 911 in Ecuador were w/o any answer in the last year and apart from this in the cases when there are responses, usually the average emergency response time is of 12 minutes, which is double the time recommended by the World Health Organization.

The key visuals of the campaign give visibility of the victims, illustrating their pain with dark colors, while the key messages on the visuals share the facts:

  • “In Ecuador, 911 takes 12 minutes to activate. 7 minutes later than recommended by the WHO.”
  • “you didn’t arrive on time”;
  • “they were faster than you”;
  • “you took too long.”

And here are the key visuals:

Kameliya Kamenova marketing @kameliyakamenov маркетинг Камелия Каменова markethinkzone
Kameliya Kamenova @kameliyakamenov markethinkzone marketing Камелия Каменова маркетинг
Kameliya Kamenova @kameliyakamenov markethinkzone marketing Камелия Каменова маркетинг

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