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Noise and creativity

Hi everybody!

There is very interesting study, focused on the effects of noise on creativity by Ravi Mehta of the University of Illinois, Rui (Juliet) Zhu of the University of British Columbia, and Amar Cheema of the University of Virginia.

This research is involving more than 300 people and shows that a moderate level of noise (70 decibels) enhances creativity relative to both high (85 decibels) and low levels (50 decibels) of noise.

Facts, based on the research:

  • The noise makes mental processing more difficult, which activates abstract cognition and thus enhances creative performance.
  • A moderate level of noise is the equivalent of the background buzz of conversation. In fact people who like to write in cafes have more creative thoughts.
  • A moderate level of noise not only enhances creative production but also leads to greater adoption of innovative products.
  • High noise levels hurt creativity, but moderate noise can enhance creativity.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

x KK

Source of information: “Is Noise Always Bad? Exploring the Effects of Ambient Noise on Creative Cognition,” Ravi Mehta, Rui (Juliet) Zhu and Amar Cheema, Journal of Consumer Research

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