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Presentation secrets

Presentations are important, but it’s more important what they consist and how you present. It’s not necessary there to be a long presentation, but a good one.

I don’t like the bullets, the presentations with more than 30 slides and a lot of text.

There have to be a clear and inspiring story (let me repeat: story, not bullets and 10 sentences on a slide) and a man, who to present it from a heart.

Here are the five most essential secrets to a great presentation by Susan Weinschenk.

  1. People learn best in 20-minute chunks.
  2. Multiple sensory channels compete.
  3. What you say is only one part of your presentation.
  4. If you want people to act, you have to call them to action.
  5. People imitate your emotions and feel your feelings.

And here is the respective video.

Enjoy it!

Have a great day!

x KK

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