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Stefan Sagmeister

IMGP2961a43xAs Paola Antonelli (Senior Curator, MOMA) says, he’s “gracefully brutal, always surprising master of communication”.

This description is for one of my favorite graphic designers – Stefan Sagmeister.

He was born in Austria and in 1993 he established in New York his own agency “Sagmeister Inc”, now “Sagmeister & Walsh”. Guess how much employees has his agency? Only 7 and all they are designers – there are no accounts or client service people. Yes, it’s a small agency, which one proves once again, that “being small” is a worth thing in this business.

One of Stefan’s advices about running an agency is “use time sheets. Use job sheets. Stay small. Take in more money than you spend. Work hard during the week but don’t work weekends unless there is a real emergency.”

Here is a worth seeing lecture of Stefan Sagmeister, where he’s sharing his experience and describes his vision on design and advertising. Enjoy it!

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