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The Charisma

What’s the common between Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Guy Kawasaki, Kevin Roberts?

The common between all these people is not only the fact, that they are very successful personalities. They all have an awesome charisma, which one is one of the reasons for their success.

What’s the charisma in fact?

It’s related with the charm and attractiveness, that can inspire devotion in others. But we are not born charismatic. We cultivate it. The truth is, that everyone could be charismatic if there’s a development of the respective qualities. The key word here is DEVELOPMENT. 

There’s no charismatic personality without:   

  • a self confidence 
  • an enthusiasm and optimism  
  • a warm attitude  
  • a perfect body language  
  • a sense of humor  
  • a great story telling

Welcome to the world where everyone wants to have a charisma like it’s some kind of a Christmas present, but nobody wants to believe, that the charisma could not be given. It could only be developed by ourselves.

Have a great day!
x KK

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