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Don’t sell products. Solve problems.

Don’t sell a product – sell how it makes you feel

“I do believe the modern sales leader has to be a marketer” – Matt Gorniak (SVP, Salesforce)

In Marketing one of the main rules is that you don’t sell product or service in fact.

You sell one of the following 3 things:

  • a solution to a problem;
  • an empowerment of a life to get better;
  • a way to make happen, the things people want to achieve;

Exactly on this is based also the BIC communication campaign, which I present you today.

This campaign is not selling pens – it’s selling the feeling you’ll get, when you achieve your goals with the help of a specific pen, if you have the courage and will to follow your dreams.

Because BIC pen is not just a pen:

  • It turns your writing experience into an epic journey;
  • It turns your ideas into compelling stories;
  • It turns fantasy worlds to life through your fingers.

And all this could be achieved with the help of a simple, but reliable pen – the BIC pen.

Here are the visuals of BIC campaign, which is really simple as visualization, but charming and clever as a creative approach.


Kameliya Kamenova @kameliyakamenov Камелия Каменова
Kameliya Kamenova @kameliyakamenov Камелия Каменова
Kameliya Kamenova @kameliyakamenov Камелия Каменова

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