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14th FARA Bulgaria

From 11-th till 14-th September there is in Albena the 14-th edition of the Festival of the Bulgarian Association of the Communication Agencies. Today was the second day, which is already to its end.

The good news till now: the most creative Bulgarian communication campaigns during the last year will be seen in Albena.

The bad news till now: the most of these campaigns are not so much creative, but artistic. In fact with the artistic part the presentations (in fact the videos) try to mask the lack of the creative part.

The first thing, which impressed me, was the way the presentations were made. In fact in the first two days there were only several presentations. All the rest so called presentations were in fact videos with VO, a good montage and special effects.

Are we on the festival of the audio-video agencies? Where are the presenters? Where are the creative directors, who are leading the creative teams? Why don’t they present the creative end result of their creative teams? Why 90% of them rely on the audio-video effects in the videos, than on their creative presentation skills? If the presenter was not important, Svete Jobs would never made a single presentation. And here we are talking about a Festival of the Communication agencies.

In such situations is visible who are the real creative leaders in the agencies, if there are such ones. The real ones are on the stage, not in the crowd.




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