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If you want to be good, BE

“Not enough time for all that I want”, INXS sang in one of my favourite songs.

Sometimes this sentence is the motto of the days of the modern man. The fact is – there IS enough time, but not enough PURE thought what people really want. Because people always want many things and they can’t find out the most important of them.

So if you want to be good in Marketing, just BE – take time to read sprecialized books about it, contact people, who are interested in marketing too, look always for a new information in area of marketing, follow the new practices, visit seminars, BE in the Marketing.

It’s not hard to be good in Marketing, it’s hard to decide that you really want it for a good cause, so that to dedicate each day of your life to this idea.

So, ask yourself, do you really want to be good or you just think so?

Be happy,

Yours KK


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