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Howard Belk’s Quote

Clients are desperate for ideas, as they should be. If we come in with ideas about new products or how to take a product and move it into a new channel, they’re open to those ideas. They ask us to take them on and develop them and build them, and then we end up with assignments that are really and truly interesting.

Simplicity is a clear and compelling action that requires honesty, skill and courage. Its beauty lies in being both unexpectedly fresh and remarkably self-evident. It’s surprising, but only because we should have thought of it before.

The design problems [we face] span core essential identity and logo and graphic systems, but they can go a lot deeper than that in helping companies, organizations, brands, and universities engage with really important people in ways that matter and help them succeed.

As our world becomes more and more complex, people increasingly crave what’s simple and true and trustworthy.

Simplicity matters worldwide. 70% of people around the world equate simplicity with peace of mind and say it actually reduces the stress in their lives. [This demonstrates] that simplicity is a core human need. If you’re a designer, and you know that, that can provide enormous focus as you commence any design assignment.

People around the world recognize that if they don’t control complexity, it will control them. The design question then becomes, ‘How can we help them master complexity?’. That, in my view, is one of the new, big, brand challenges. The brands that answer that question correctly are going to win passion from customers, passion from employees, and respect from the outside world.

Howard Belk of Siegel + Gale

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