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Interview: Just Maria

44590_10152075809794867_1145786507_nShe’s the kind of girl, who will always surprise you, because she’s not just a girl, she’s not just a copywriter, she’s not just one thing – there are so many things inside her and she always finds the most unusual creative way to introduce them to the audience.

Here she is – one of my favorite copywriters ✒️

Hi, Maria! Introduce yourself!

I’m Maria Makedonska. Now I’m working as a copywriter in the ad agency “All Channels”. Before that I have been 3 years copywriter in the ad agency “Publicis Marc”. Except writing advertising texts, I’m writing fairy-tales as well, shooting short movies and sometimes I even sing in the subways.

How did you get into copywriting?

It looked for me as an adventure.

Are there any copywriting “secrets” you can share with us?

What kind of a secret? Are you talking about the dead body in the refrigerator? In fact the copywriters don’t have any secrets. And the dead bodies are only the ones of the killed ideas.

Who’s your biggest copywriting influence?

March. She’s sitting in front of me at my work place and is creating so many waves of an influence.

What is your favorite book on copywriting?

“Gymnastic for the tail” of Grigory Oster.

But in fact each book is for copywriters.

What inspires you?


If you had to travel back in time, which era would you have liked to have written copy in?

I would come back in Paris during the 30’s of the XIX century for listening Chopin live and if I write something it would be a love novel with him.

What’s the one piece of copy, that you wish you’d have written?

“Today. Tomorrow. Toyota.”

What advice would you give to the copywriters?

Keep calm.

Do you dream often?

I’m trying dreaming not to take more than 90% of my daytime.

Complete the sentence: “Be inspired and…

….if you don’t know where to put the comma, use simple sentences.


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