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The colour of your brand

We don’t live in a black and white world. For some people this is something complicated, but for others it’s a challenge.

Because we live in a world of colours – colours of the feelings, of the thoughts, of the souls. 

The Global Colour Survey, made by Color Matters, over 130 000 people from all points on the globe shows today the following results regarding the associations with the colours: 

  • Happy – Yellow
  • Pure – White
  • Good Luck – Green
  • Good-tasting – Red (tomato)
  • Dignity – Dark Blue
  • High Technology – Silver
  • Sexiness – Red (tomato)
  • Mourning – Black
  • Expensive – Gold
  • Inexpensive – Brown
  • Powerful – Red (tomato)
  • Dependable – Blue
  • High Quality – Gold
  • Nausea – Muted Yellow
  • Deity – White
  • Bad Luck – Black
  • Favorite Color – Blue
  • Least Favorite Color – Dark Yellow

And what about the colours of the brands? There is very interesting research made by Colour Lovers, which one presents the colours of the top 100 web brands.

As you can see in the images below, the logos of these brands are mainly in blue or red. Are you surprised? I don’t think so. But let’s have a look at the images of the research. They are really worth seeing.




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