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The fools don’t look for answers

Today the material is a compilation of wise words for wise people, who know how to read between the lines, how to find the answers and how to implement them in the reality.

Why wise words for wise people?

Because the fools don’t look for answers – they know everything.

12 rows – 12 truths:

1. Stop chasing, start creating your value – your value will attract everything you need.

2. Be the kind of person, who will always remind others, that they can dream bigger.

3. Don’t believe in luck, believe in never giving up.

4. Nobody can be successful for you.

5. Be authentic and face challenges.

6. To be the exception, you must first be exceptional.

7. You don’t need permission to be amazing.

8. Don’t just wish for it – work for it.

9. When you get tired, learn to rest – not to quit.

10. Don’t think if the goal is possible – think how it could be possible.

11. You can not act like flip flops and expect to be treated like louboutins.

12. …and to all the ladies in business – remember: Sometimes the King is a woman!

Камелия Каменова Kameliya Kamenova

Be inspired and don’t forget to fly!

x KK

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