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Writing a brief

“When writing a brief, planners should keep one really important thing in mind: Creatives are not as smart as planners. We are dumb. We are easily distracted by shiny objects. Obscure references confuse us. And we didn’t read that book by that guy.

If you make it in any way complicated, we’ll be confused. Or our egos will kick in and we’ll say, “It’s shit” when really we just don’t understand it.

So keep it simple. Not simple for you. Simple like telling an 8-year-old how to wash dishes. Simple like helping your stoned friend put a coat on. Simple like giving instructions to the guy at Kinkos.

Make one point, then repeat it. If your brief gives us a tiny box to work in, we can’t wander off and get lost.”

Josh Denberg and Paul Hirsch/ Creative Directors at Division of Labor

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