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Yo Santosa’s Quote

Brands need to be entertaining. They’re like people, they need personality. At the end of the day, people don’t fall in love with businesses, they fall in love with personalities.

I do miss [designing]. At one point, when it got a little bigger and I realized I didn’t have time to design anymore, it got really frustrating for me. I think that was just me transitioning into a creative director role. A designer would do something and I would say, ‘Let me take your file and mess around with it,’ and of course the designers got kind of insulted. After awhile I started learning to just let go and trust it and really communicate better.

What I’ve learned through the process of working in different mediums is that it’s really not about the medium. When you create brands, it has to be applied across every touch point and every touch point has to speak differently.

Yo Santosa of Ferroconcrete

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