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Enjoy life and improve yourself personally and professionally!

I am lucky.

I had the chance during 6 years to study Marketing (Bachelor’s & Master’s degree) at the University of National and World Economy – something, which I really adore, I give so much passion and energy to it and I’ve turned it into my professional life.

There are so many common things between the philosophy of Marketing and the philosophy of life.

You wonder what they are?

Here is my list:

Kameliya Kamenova Камелия Каменова


Saying, that there are 4 Ps in Marketing is like saying there are only two colors in life – black and white.

But we all know, that life is filled with many shades, not just two colors.

It’s the same with Marketing – it’s not 4Ps, it’s a whole alphabetical galaxy.


There’s never an universal right decision in life – there’s always right decision for the specific situation.

In Marketing is the same – each case is a specific one and what works in one case is not what will work with the same success in other one.


For happier life people should do different things – they should go out of home, enjoy the nature, enjoy the sea, enjoy the sound of the birds.

The same is with the Marketing – for better results the marketing specialists should go out of the box, improve their knowledges and skills in the respective area every day and during all this time to enjoy what they do.

Yes, there are many common things between life and Marketing.

Enjoy life and improve yourself personally and professionally!


Thank you for sharing this virtual place with me!

Be inspired and don’t forget to use your wings to fly!

x KK

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