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Each Enterprise Should Innovate

In order to exist, develop and innovate, each company needs:

  • good EBITDA
  • high ROI
  • and a positive trend in MS and EI.

“The enterprise that does not innovate, inevitably ages and declines.” (Peter Drucker)

But apart from this, there is also another important thing nowadays, which each company has to own.

This is its own VOICE!

And this voice is mostly visible in the social activities of the respective company.

A brilliant example for such social activity of a famous brand is the campaign of ASICS, which I’ll present you today.

It’s raising awareness on an important social issue – the mental health.

The campaign is:

  • with smart creative approach;
  • strong message;
  • clever;
  • touching;
  • and most of all, it’s using a smart communication toolthe label.

Here is the Mental Care instructions label from ASICS:

Kameliya Kamenova Камелия Каменова

– – – – –

Thank you for sharing this virtual place with me!

Be inspired and don’t forget to use your wings to fly!

x KK

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