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There’s always hope

In the world of the enormous communication flow, there’s a tendency I see.

The number of the “Specialists” and “Experts” in the area of communications is growing not each minute, but each second.

And the biggest is the number of the SELF-PROCLAIMED ones.

Usually they talk in “I AM” form and in fact they don’t talk, they scream it, so that everybody to hear that they are “Expert” or “Specialist” for long years. The usual sentence is “I AM an expert with …0 years experience”.

When you have to say everywhere with your words and not by your actions and projects, that you’re a big expert in some field, it’s a pity thing.

This pity thing is becoming even comic, when these “Specialists” and “Experts” try to mask the incompetence with some artistic pose, demonstrating how intelligent and charming persons they are, who can talk even hours without stopping. Wow, what an expert quality!

Usually such persons try to attract the attention by making conflicts with others, because everyone knows – when they have nothing worth to show, when there’s nothing worth they’ve done in their professional field, there’s always the chance to be noticed by making dramas and scandals with others. They just have to go to some TV show, say something bad and insulting about others in the studio, make scandal and it’s done. The newspapers will write the whole week how beautiful he/ she was as a “Specialist” or “Expert” (depends on what they say about themselves), while the scandal was created.

The truth is, that the incompetence of people with high level of self-estimation, but low levels of professional and moral qualities, makes me really mad.

And I have news for them: the clever people know how to read between the lines. Especially between theirs.

There’s always hope….

Have a nice evening, guys!

x KK

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