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Trainings & BTL activities

🎯 My motto is: “I have a strategic plan – it’s called doing things.”

💯 And when I do things I always do my best with dedication, enthusiasm, positive energy and passion.

✨ And when I do my best I am always happy with the results.

That’s why I’m really happy with:
✅ the training for pharmacists, which I’ve organized during this week about Aboca products;
✅ as well as with the participation at the 25th Pediatric conference with Aboca products during the weekend.

🌱 Aboca products are 100% natural and offer answers to different health needs, from the respiratory area to the gastro area and immune defense.

🥇 Exclusive representative for BULGARIA – SOPHARMA!

Proud to be part of this innovative Brand management in Bulgaria🏆

Kameliya Kamenova Камелия Каменова маркетинг marketing markethinkzone @kameliyakamenov

Be inspired and don’t forget to use your wings to fly!

x KK

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