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“Odor Chart” Campaign

You know I love clever communication campaigns:

  • with smart creative approach;
  • solid background of facts and researches behind them;
  • simple, but original and straight to the point visuals;
  • and charming sense of humor.

And today I’ll present you such campaign.

It is titled “Odor Chart”.

“Long after one has forgotten what a woman wore, the memory of her perfume lingers.” (Christian Dior)

The campaign is developed by the advertising agency 4129Grey, Instanbul, Turkey for the brand Febreze.

The key visuals of the campaign are communicating real results of researches, proving the effect of odors on human behavior and mood:

  • People stay up to 80% shorter on average in places with bad odor.
  • 60% of the people, who are exposed to bad odor has bad mood.
  • Bad odor makes it 84% harder to remember our memories.

And these key messages are combined with very simple, but original visual identity of the brand Febreze, which main competitive advantage is that Febreze products eliminate the bad odors and you can rely on them.


Kameliya Kamenova Камелия Каменова
Kameliya Kamenova Камелия Каменова
Kameliya Kamenova Камелия Каменова

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